What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)?


For people who aren’t familiar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), this combat sport can best be described as a combination of Judo and wrestling. With BJJ however, the overall focus of the techniques revolves around ground fighting. The goal of a BJJ match is to bring your opponent to the ground with a throw or takedown, control positions and eventually submit him/her from there. The result of a match is decided by submitting your opponent or by scoring points.

BJJ is a great sport for people looking to lose weight, get fit, wanting to work on self defense or people looking to test themselves in competitions. BJJ can be an excellent addition to martial artists looking to become a more well-rounded athlete/fighter like MMA practitioners, for example.


Who is it for?

For everyone! The main principle behind Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that a smaller and weaker person can defend himself/herself and can win a fight or match by using technique, without relying on strength, athleticism or body type. So don’t worry about being in shape or strong enough for following our training sessions. Everyone can do what we do!


What do training sessions look like?

Overall, every training session starts with a short warm-up that consists of full-body movements and often used techniques that are done for high repetitions (drills).

After this, one or two techniques are explained to the students. You and your training partner both get the same amount of time to work on the techniques shown.

Practically every training session ends with at least a half hour of sparring. Sometimes we start from a position that was shown during class so you can try the techniques you learned on a resisting opponent.


What type clothing do I wear?

During gi training sessions, everyone wears a gi (similar to judo kimono). Also, everyone wears a rashguard or t-shirt underneath their gi for hygiene purposes.

No-gi training sessions are done wearing a t-shirt or rashguard, shorts or spats (tight sports pants). No-gi sessions are done without wearing a gi.

For your first couple of classes you don’t have to wear a gi if you don’t have one. You can borrow one of our gis or just wear a t-shirt and sports pants. Wearing a mouth guard or groin protector is not compulsory, but is recommended.

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Relaxed vibe, honest people, good explanation of techniques, sparring for every level. For everyone who wants train on recreational or professional level!

John Niemarkt

Great instructor. The whole group is very welcoming and everyone helps eachother out to get better. Highly recommended!

Peter van der Burgh

Good vibe, challenging training sessions and a great teacher. Awesome!

Marten Plantinga

Professional group with a great vibe. Everyone helps to get the best out of yourself. Great team!

Rodger Nicolai

Came in tired and overweight, now I feel great and love Jiu Jitsu!

Jildert Vellinga

Great vibe and awesome training sessions!

Jordian Kamps

Highly recommended school! Relaxed vibe, enthusiastic group and high level instruction. A great group of people to train with.

Martijn Schadron

I train at GFA for the good vibe, everybody is friendly and the instruction is great. Clear explanation of techniques and attention for everyone. I love to come here and train.

Manuel Costa