About our team

GFA (Ground Fighting Academy) offers training in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and no-gi grappling. Our team originated from the former BJJ Friesland and is led by Arnoud Terpstra. Team GFA is affiliated with Team Kaishin Almere.

Our team consists of a big group of motivated and positive people. Our club is know for it’s laid back vibe and helpful team members that all try to bring out the best in eachother. After training, we all talk and hang out with each other and we regularly organize activities together. You won’t find any ‘machismo’ in our club. We all step on the mat with a good mood and without ego!

Besides training we regularly compete in different BJJ tournaments around the country. Also, we make sure to train under our head coach Henk Heneweer from Team Kaishin as much as we can to keep the level of our team high.

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Relaxed vibe, honest people, good explanation of techniques, sparring for every level. For everyone who wants train on recreational or professional level!

John Niemarkt

Great instructor. The whole group is very welcoming and everyone helps eachother out to get better. Highly recommended!

Peter van der Burgh

Good vibe, challenging training sessions and a great teacher. Awesome!

Marten Plantinga

Professional group with a great vibe. Everyone helps to get the best out of yourself. Great team!

Rodger Nicolai

Came in tired and overweight, now I feel great and love Jiu Jitsu!

Jildert Vellinga

Great vibe and awesome training sessions!

Jordian Kamps

Highly recommended school! Relaxed vibe, enthusiastic group and high level instruction. A great group of people to train with.

Martijn Schadron

I train at GFA for the good vibe, everybody is friendly and the instruction is great. Clear explanation of techniques and attention for everyone. I love to come here and train.

Manuel Costa